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Product Registration Services

Product Registration ServicesManufacturers or Traders who intend to introduce their new products to Kenya market, and import them regularly can now register the products before shipment starts. 

Pursuant to the amendments of legal Notice 78 of 28th April 2020 through Legal Notice 212 of 18th December, 2020, introducing product registration aspect, regulatory Authorities in Kenya have developed an administrative structure to implement the provisions of the regulations.

Under the Framework, registered products will not be subjected to PVOC requirements, but instead will undergo destination inspection (DI) and/or testing before being allowed on the Kenya market. BlueBox provides the above outsourced services through our Product Assets Development Division.

How It Works

  1. You contact our offices via email
  2. We connect you with a Manager who will be will handle your project
  3. Make payment as guided by the category fees for the product as indicated by the regulatory authorities , plus our services fees
  4. Submit Samples to our Agency Offices – Quantities vary per Product Class as advised by the HS Codes from the Authorities. This might vary from time to time, depending on the scope of the Testing Parameters which sometimes can be revised.
  5. Manage the Testing process with the authorized and regulated Product Testing Laboratories
  6. Process the issuance of the Product Registration Certificate and send it to client

Duration- This will vary from time to time, depending on product class or type, because all have different testing parameters. The volumes of testing activities at the Laboratories at any given time, will also impact on the duration for the results and the process. It takes about 10 Working Days to about 3 or 4 Weeks on average, depending on the product type.


We provide the services that help develop your product, from inception, design, testing, and proof of concept. This not a standard service because the scope for different products vary, so we customize the process as per the product type.